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Operation and maintenance of pelletizer
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The switch controller of the switch controller connected by the debugging master of the granulator should adjust the time interval of the power indicator lamp to about 20 seconds of the knob. Then the sound of adjusting the width can hear the fan of the granulator turn on. This indicates that the control is normal. If there is no sound to be heard, please check whether the connection is electromagnetic or the controller is damaged when debugging and turn off the controller to test normally.

Check the power supply of the granulator fan, see that the direction of the granulator fan is the right touch motor is not overheated 10 minutes later, if not, turn off the granulator fan;

Check whether the fan of the air compressor is leaking from 0.5 MPa to 0.7 MPa pipe pelletizer. When the pressure increases to 0.7 mpa, the air compressor can be closed automatically.

Normal operation:

It has excellent dust removal effect and normal injection device.

The normal operation of the fan of the granulator allows the package to be blown round by compressed air.

The controller of the granulator can accurately display the signal of the granulator to indicate the working state.


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