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Correct way to choose the right equipment of plastic pelletizer
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Too much residue in the pelletizer: a few rods bent or too much space. Delete the rod, can use cloth polishing, so that continuous rod and re-installation, if necessary, add some steel strips, keep the space between 0.05 mm - 0.08 mm. Oil material compliance is poor, cake making is difficult, and combustion chamber pressure is increasing. We should add some water and scrubbing machines to increase the temperature of the granulator.

Plastic material granulator is a biofuel production equipment. In the process of purchasing, consumers often encounter many problems. How to buy plastic pelletizer correctly is our concern.

Purchase the machine according to its raw materials. The pressure required is different for different materials of granulator to produce different pressed particles and to wear the machine. We should buy plastic material granulators; for example, tree plastics are relatively pressed in the north, like pine trees, while plastic balls in the south are more difficult to suppress, and machine failure rates are high.

According to their own purchase of plastic granulator production. Machines of different output sizes are different. It is recommended to buy their own granulator according to their needs, an accurate study can avoid the purchase of inappropriate machines.

Consider the strength of the manufacturer. Many customers check equipment through the network, which is a convenient platform. Here we want to remind our customers that looking at the manufacturer is the best choice. Carefully study the size of the granulator, the manufacturer of processing capacity and after-sales service. It is undoubtedly helpful to walk around.

Make a peer-to-peer inspection of the pelletizer. You can look at the functionality of peer-to-peer devices, customer experience, and avoid making the same mistakes.


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