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LQ-300 gantry granulator
LQ-300 gantry granulator
LQ-300 gantry granulator

LQ-300 granulator has two specifications: gantry type and cantilever type. According to the power output of the motor between 100 and 300 kilograms per hour, it is suggested that the number of slicing strips should be between 4 and 16.

The comparative advantage with similar products:

1: The best cost-effectiveness, cost-effective advantages.

2: Accurate granulation is achieved by optimum strip introduction and strip positioning.

3: Easy to use and control.

4: The introduction of German assembly technology and process manufacturing is the current domestic imported plastic pelletizer alternative products.

5: Maintenance cost is lower, more suitable for production lines with higher quality requirements and cost-effective, product quality is reliable and stable.

6: All-round humanized safety device, to ensure the automatic shutdown of open cover, to ensure the safety of operators.

7: The main board is inlaid with 304 stainless steel plates to effectively prevent plastic particles from being polluted.

8: The whole enclosed noise reduction device is designed with lower noise and more comfortable working environment.

9: The clearance between the cutter and the fixing cutter is less than 0.06mm, and the precision axle core with high precision can process materials containing less than 50% glass fiber, which fully meets the German original standard. The cut plastic particles are more uniform in length, and the appearance of the finished particles is more beautiful and beautiful.

10: It can be equipped with top-level configuration according to different requirements of customers: NSK imported bearings, Siemens motor, various imported frequency converters, imported electrical appliances, etc.

Machine modelMotor powerSpeed regulation modeNumber of sliced strips (roots)Maximum traction speed < br /> (m / min)Cutting size (mm)Maximum yield (kg/h)Rotary knife diameter x Length mmNumber of teeth of rotary cutterCot Diameter x Length mmExterior dimensions (mm) (length * width * height)
LQ-300 cantilever3~4Slip or Frequency ConverterLess than 14Ninety-sixPhi 3 x 3Less than 300Phi 200 x 100Thirty-twoPhi 200 x 1001270*750*1510
LQ-300 Longmen3~4Slip or Frequency ConverterLess than 18Ninety-sixPhi 3 x 3Less than 300Phi 160 x 150Twenty-fourPhi 100 x 150790 x 710 x 1570

Main Technical Parameters of LQ Series Cold Pelletizer

Technical parameters of product typeLQ--25LQ--60LQ--100LQ--300LQ--400LQ--500LQ--600LQ--900
Maximum yield (Kg/h)Twenty-fiveSixtyOne hundredThree hundredFour hundredFive hundredSix hundredNine hundred
Number of sliced strips (roots)Less than 1-2Less than 6Less than 10Less than 15Less than 25Less than 28Less than 32Less than 42
Pelleting standard (mm)O 3 x 3O 3 x 3O 3 x 3O 3 x 3O 3 x 3O 3 x 3O 3 x 3O 3 x 3
Cutter size (mm)Bah & nbsp; 90 * 50Bah & nbsp; 120 * 100Bah & nbsp; 120 * 100Bah & nbsp; 200 x 100Bah & nbsp; 200 x 200Bah & nbsp; 200 x 200Bah & nbsp; 200 x 200Bah & nbsp; 200 * 300
Cutter speed200--1200200--1200200--1200200--1200200--1200200--1200200--1200200--1200
Speed regulating motor power (Kw)Zero point seven fiveOne point oneTwo point two3-4Five point fiveFive point fiveSeven point fiveEleven
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