The Laser Option

Laser can be a treatment option when other solutions aren’t effective

Toenail fungus is one disease where other approaches don’t work very well - An article in the Daily Mail explained:

  • Oral medications may be successful half the time
  • Rub-on medications succeed in only ten percent of patients. Learn More

Because laser light can penetrate the nail surface to directly attack toenail fungus, laser treatment rates can exceed 50%.  With most medical lasers, treatment requires an operator to focus a very fine laser beam at small sections of an infected toenail.  This can result in either missed areas of infection or painful heat if the beam is focused on one area too long. 

There is a better laser option. Learn More

Is laser treatment right for you? For many patients, laser treatment can provide faster treatment and better results. Patients that are pregnant or who have diabetes may not be candidates for treatment. Ask your doctor.