Noveon NaiLaser Performance

Three advantages that impact usability, patient comfort and safety

Compared to other laser options, the Noveon NaiLaser is unique:

  • Operating mode: Automatic or manual? Automatic operation delivers consistent light dosage more accurately, freeing up staff time, and eliminating operator errors resulting from painstaking repetitive motion.  Learn More
  • Method of action: Does the laser attack fungal cells using heat or photobiology? Nd:YAG lasers attack fungus using heat, resulting in likely pain for patients, and laser fumes which are unpleasant and unhealthy for physician and patient.  The Noveon NaiLaser uses photobiology, delivering better results without the risk of excessive heat or laser plume. Learn More
  • Light wavelengths: The unique wavelengths used by the Noveon NaiLaser – 870nm and 930nm – are 2.5x more lethal to fungus than the 1064nm light from an Nd:YAG laser. Learn More
 The Noveon NaiLaserOther Diode LasersNd:YAG Lasers
Operating ModeAutomaticManualManual
Method of ActionPhotobiologyHeatHeat
Wavelength(s) (nm)870, 930Varies1064
Power LevelLowHighHigh
Safety RatingClass 3bClass 4Class 4